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BOLO: Brands I Have Recently Found

With stores opening back up again, I have been making my rounds. There is so much inventory that they have had laying around that many places are now just trying to get rid of. I have been able to find so many brands that I have never found and some brands that are new to me that I thought I would share with you guys so you can keep your eyes of for these brands as well.

1. Spiritual Gangster

I had heard of this brand before, but not much. I had heard a couple other resellers mention it in either their YouTube videos or Instagram stories, but it has been awhile since I have seen this brand mentioned. I was about to put the item back when I saw that the tag said Spiritual Gangster on it. I was shocked honestly that I found this brand at the store I was at and NWT. This was a great find and a great addition to my closet.

Size Large

2. Onia

I had recently heard Mogi Beth mention this brand in a BOLO Swimsuit video she did (linked HERE). They also have done a collab with We Wore What which is another brand to keep an eye out for. The collab swimsuits are really popular and will sell really well for a high dollar amount. The one I found isn’t a swimsuit from the collab but it is a similar style.

Size Large

3. Alala

I didn’t end up buying the item that I found because it was priced a little too high for me, but this is a brand that I had never heard of. I decided to look up comps when I was in the store and the pieces were selling for a pretty good price around $65-$75. If you see this brand definitely look up comps on your phone to see if it worth it for you personally to pick up! This is the exact pair of leggings I found and they were sold on Revolve but it currently sold out.

4. Aila Blue

This brands has been sold at Revolve before and I had never heard of it before, but when I saw the swimsuit in the store I thought the style was really interesting so I decided to look it up. The exact swimsuit that I found wasn’t listed on Poshmark but there was a similar one listed for $98, but mine was NWT so I thought I would be able to sell it for more. Unfortunately the line was so incredibly long due to the stores just opening and I only had 4 things so I didn’t think it was worth it to wait in line.

5. LoveShackFancy

I personally LOVE this brand and Target is actually going to be doing a collab within the next few weeks with this brand. I will link the blog post I did talking all about the collab and including some photos of the dresses HERE. This brand sells for hundreds of dollar retail and the resell value on them is pretty high as well. I have been on the hunt for this brand for myself for a long time and now that Target is doing a collab I am so excited to see these dresses come out in the stores. I have linked the listings of these dresses in my Poshmark closet if anyone is interested in either of these for a great deal!

Size: 0, 4

Size: XS, S

These are just a few of the brands that I have been able to find recently. Keep an eye out for these brands because they are really sought after brands. Always do your research and look up comps before you purchase. Let me know down in the comments if you have found any of these brands before or if you knew about any of these before this post!



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