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Brands I am Constantly Watching on Poshmark

It has been a little bit since I have made a blog post so I thought I would quickly update you guys on where I have been. I am almost done with college and the past Fall Semester of school I was doing 17 credits so I was very busy. This upcoming Spring Semester I will be doing 12 credits so I will have a little bit of extra time to dedicate to Poshmark, reselling, and this blog!

Since the shut down happened earlier this year, I have been finding other ways to get inventory to resell on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay. One of those ways to to search those platforms for people selling their items at a really low cost so that I can resell it. Today, I wanted to share some of the brands that I am always looking for and refreshing their Just In page on Poshmark!

Veronica Beard

I am obsessed with Veronica Beard and have a couple of blazers currently listed in my closet that I was able to find amazing deals for on Poshmark. I LOVE their blazers and some of them have a similar look to the Balmain blazers that were really popular a couple years back. I refresh this page a couple times a day, but I normally stick just to the blazers because that’s all that I have experience selling for a high dollar amount.

Anine Bing

This is a brand that I have known about for a little bit, but it is very popular right now. Their most popular items are their graphic tees and sweatshirts. I heard about this brand from following bloggers on Instagram and all of a sudden they were everywhere. This brand has more of a relaxed, everyday, edgy look to it while still being put together. I have only sold one item from them, but I currently have a couple of other items also listed in my closet.

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson is one of my personal favorite brands. I love the dresses that they make and how detailed they are yet have an effortless look to them. They are most known for their dresses as well as their pants. I have sold a couple pants from them that both sold really fast for $100+ as well as a dress that sold for $195 but that took a few months to sell. I currently have a pair of really cute lace up jeans from them listed in my closet.

Mara Hoffman

I personally own a few swimsuits from this brand and they are all amazing quality. I also had a couple dresses from them as well that I loved and wore on my wedding week and my honeymoon. They are mostly known for their swimsuits, but they also have some sought after dresses because they make such high quality pieces. I currently have a dress from this brand in my closet that is a popular style and print from them!

For Love & Lemons

I have never owned or sold anything from this brand, but I am always looking out for items because they have a really big following. They are well known for selling their lingerie and dresses that show a lot of skin. They also have great quality and some of their designs and patterns are really sought after so can sell for higher than retail.

Spell & The Gypsy Collective

This is another brand that I have not owned or had the opportunity to sell, but this is another brand that has almost a cult following for it. This company is based out of Byron Bay, Australia. Their designs are beautiful and they have such and effortless relaxed style. They recently added a kids clothing line which has also gained some traction in the family community because moms love matching with their littles.

Hill House

This is a brand that has gained a lot of popularity very recently, but they are known for their nap dresses. Theses are dresses that they claim are so comfortable that you can wear them to bed. They are supposed to be a dress that you can wear around the house and then wear out to run errands. They have a cute cottagey feel to them which I haven’t seen from other brands. Since this is a recent brand the chances of finding this for a good price for reselling on Poshmark isn’t as high as the others, but this a new brand that people are searching so it’s still good to be familiar with it.

Those are all the brands that I will be sharing today, but I hope you guys liked this post and learned at least 1 brand that you weren’t aware of before! Let me know if you liked this post, if you have any questions, and any other topics you would like me to cover. That you for reading and I will see you in my next post!

XOXO, Cait

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