Fashion Reselling

My Most Recent Purchases- On Poshmark and Mercari

With the thrift stores being closed recently due to the pandemic that is currently happening I have been doing my research and finding items that I think I can make a profit on and will bring attention to my closet. I thought I would share with you guys the most recent items that I have purchased and what my experience was like. I was originally going to film a haul on my YouTube channel (channel linked HERE) but I honestly didn’t want to wait to unbox them all on my channel so I thought I would just do a comprehensive post!

Left to Right: J. Crew Size 8, J. Crew Size 9, J. Crew Size 9.5, Tory Burch Size 10

I love all of these shoes and I think all of them fit into the new style that I am trying to add to my closet. I am trying to add only items that fit into a certain style. I can’t explain the style but it is all items that I personally love and items that I would wear. I think by adding only items that I love into my closet it will attract people to purchase multiple items and to purchase in my closet again and again.

One of the downsides to purchasing items online is that it takes so long for items to get to you and you don’t know if they will get to you the way that they were shown in the photos. You have to have trust in the seller that they are honest. All of the items showed up exactly how I thought they would and how they were shown in the photos which is amazing!

I purchased this dress from Mercari and I am still waiting to get this in the mail which is why I have to post a stock photo. I was able to find this dress NWT for an amazing price that I hopefully will be able to list for a good profit. This is the Kate Spade Flora Leopard Dress and I personally love this dress and wish this was my size!

Those are my most recent purchases to resell and I am looking all day everyday for more items to buy in order to resell. There are deals out there every where so just keep your eyes out and eventually you will find something!

Let me know in the comments which item is your favorite and if you would purchase them to list in your closet as well!


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