Deal Alert!!!

Finding great deals and sharing them with the public. I search high and low for deals on a daily basis and share them a couple times a week.

Another Deal Alert post! This one is really good and I found a bunch of stuff that I am super excited to share with you guys! I will have some of my other recent Deal Alert posts linked at the bottom in case you missed those ones.

Kate Spade Purse

Mara Hoffman Pants Size 6

Mara Hoffman Swimsuit Size XS

Mara Hoffman Dress Size 0

Mara Hoffman Swimsuit Size Large

Opening Ceremoney Size 0, 2

Tory Burch Halima Size 7

J. Crew NWT Dress Size 14

J. Crew Sandals Size 10

J. Crew Mules Size 6

J. Crew Heeled Sandals Size 9.5

J. Crew Heels Size 9.5

J. Crew Heels Size 7.5

Veronica Beard Size 2

Veronica Beard Size 4

Recent posts: HERE, HERE

Thank you guys so much for reading this post! Let me know in the comments below which item was your favorite deal find and if you will be purchasing anything!


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