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BOLO: Revolve’s Top 20 Brands

Revolve has so many brands on their website, but which ones are the most popular? I talk all about their top 20 brands so you know what to look out for when you are out at the thrift store, consignment stores, or just looking online at Poshmark!

Part 3!! Part 1 & 2 will be linked at the end of this post so if you haven’t seen those go read those either before or after you read this post because they both have a lot of great content in them!

Lovers + Friends

This brand was created in 2010 by two fashion designers whose own separate brands had failed. In 2008, Raissa Gerona created a one-of-a-kind vintage clothing brand that was inspired by her grandmother. The recession hit and she ran out of money in order to keep her brand going. She then met Mitch Moseley who had a similar situation and they hit it off and we now know Lovers + Friends. This is a blogger based brand that can be seen all over Instagram. This is also one of Revolve’s most popular and most purchased brands because of their focus on current styles, trends, and price point.

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This brand is very popular on Poshmark with the younger audience that Poshmark brings to their app. I have personally sold one item from this brand that I was able to find at the thrift store and I currently have a few items listed in my closet. I will link my Poshmark closet HERE if you want to go check out those items. This brand is so popular because they keep up with the trends and styles that many Gen X’ers are looking for while having a somwhat affordable price point. Also look up comps on this brand because items can become very over saturated and decrease in value.

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I personally LOVE this brand. It is a brand that I have had my eyes on for so long, but I have never found or purchased anything from. Target just announced last week that they are doing a Summer collab that will be launching on June 6th online with 3 clothing brands and LoveShackFancy is one of them. I did an entire blog post, linked HERE, and even showed pictures of the collab so go check that post out if you love this brand as much as I do. Rebecca Hessel is the founder of LoveShackFancy and created the brand in 2013 during her own wedding. She created dresses for her bridesmaids inspired modern, vintage, and victorian designs that were easy to move in. Now the brand has taken off and is even endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow!

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This brand resells for money and holds its value pretty well. This brand has a pretty good following behind it which is why the items hold their value so well. Definitely look out for this brand and for me personally I would be willing to pay up for this brand at thrift store if the comps looked really good. When paying up for items I would generally expect to double my money. Once again always check comps and do your research!!!

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Coveteur Interview

MISA Los Angeles

This is the youngest brand out of all of these on this Top 20 list as it was only created 4 years ago in 2016. The founder, Shadi Askari-Farhat, was inspired by travel, art, and design when creating her brand. She wanted to create pieces that were “effortlessly feminine” that women could wear again and again. Their woman is “a modern day bohemian who spends her life traveling the world” almost a fashion forward gypsy. I feel like this defines the brand really well because many of their designs are loose fitting, easy to to throw on, and easy to live life in.

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I have never found or owned this brand either. I personally haven’t heard much of this brand until a year or so ago. This brand is another popular brand by influencers and bloggers. The items are a higher price point than Lovers + Friends, but these items do hold their value pretty well as you can see from the links above. If I found this brand I would definitely pick up if the price was right just to try it out since I don’t have any personal experience with it!

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This brand was created in 2010 by two people who both had been in denim for years. Lela Becker and Tim Keading created this brand inspired by many 1970’s designs. The designs are meant to “evoke memories and experiences of growing up in California in the 70’s”. The name MOTHER comes from the idea that you are more than one simple thing. You can be nurturing and a force of nature all at the same time.

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I have never owned or sold anything from this brand, but I have been on the lookout for this brand since it is one of the most popular denim brands. Their tag on the inside of the jeans can be hard to spot since it almost looks blank, but once you know what it looks like it can be pretty easy to spot. Some styles do better than others just like any other brand so always do your research on which styles are recent!

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Mother Denim About Page


This brand was acquired by Revolve as one of their in-house brands along with Lovers + Friends and Tularosa. Revolve stated that they are “dedicated to curating a collection of emerging brands and designers that reflect our youthful and fashionable aesthetic, and provide our uber-stylish millennial customer with the variety and quality they’ve come to expect”. All of these brands in my opinion line up very well with what Revolve has positioned themselves to be in this market- a one-stop shop for Millenials to buy in style and in trend clothing, shoes, and accessories.

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This brand is very popular among frequent Revolve shoppers so they are also looking for this brand on Poshmark for items that have sold on the website that they missed, or looking to get a good deal. I don’t have any experience with this brand in buying or selling, but I would expect that a popular item would sell pretty quickly on Poshmark if the market wasn’t overly saturated. Always look up comps and when listing items try to find the style name that way you can include it in your listing and description. Many people will be using the style name when looking so by including it your listing will pop up in their search.

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Part 1, Part 2

Thank you guys so much for reading this post! Let me know down in to comments which is your favorite brand and if you’ve heard of all of these brands!


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