Thrifting Bucketlist

Some of the thrift stores in my area have begun to open and Goodwill will be opening on June 1st, so just in a few days! I am so excited to get back into thrifting and being able to find amazing deals that have just been sitting around for a couple of months. The thrift stores that I have been to recently that have opened have been filled with some pretty good stuff when they are normally pretty picked over. I was able to cross a couple brands off my bucketlist in just one day! I thought I would share my bucket list with you guys so you might be able to add some brands you’ve never heard of to your list!

I am only putting items on this list that I have found or haven’t found at the thrift store! There are some brands on the “still looking for” list that I have found, but I haven’t found it at the thrift store!

Brands I Have Found

  • M.M. Lafleur
  • Johnny Was
  • YSL
  • Acne
  • McGuire Denim
  • Barefoot Dreams
  • Rails
  • Patagonia
  • Louis Vuitton (my husband and I found an LV tie)
  • Alo Yoga
  • Montblanc
  • Wildfox

Brands I Am Still Looking For

  • Byron Lars
  • Maje
  • The Kooples
  • Gucci
  • Mara Hoffman
  • Ulla Johnson
  • Allbirds
  • Self Portrait
  • Anine Bing
  • Gal Meets Glam
  • Rachel Parcel

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The two brands I just found this past weekend were Johnny Was and M.M. Lafleur. I have had these brands on my list for a while now I am so happy I can finally say that I have found them. My most recent purchases are listed up in my Poshmark closet which is linked at the bottom of my blog and I will link my Instagram HERE where I show these items there as well.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Let me know in the comments down below if you have found any of these brands and if you learned some new ones to add to your list!


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