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Is Free People Still A Good Seller?

Many people believe that Free People’s resell value has gone down and isn’t worth reselling anymore. In this post I talk all about my personal experience with reselling Free People and if I believe it is still worth it to resell.

I have been reselling now for about 3 years and I have sold a lot of Free People in my time. Throughout those years I have seen the popularity of Free People go down, but does that mean that their items aren’t worth picking up anymore? YES. You have to know which items are in demand, recent styles, and what the current styles are. I have done a recent post about the upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 Trends so if you haven’t read that post that would be a great place to start! Linked HERE.

Items I’ve Personally Sold That Are Popular

This is the Free People Saturday Morning Cardigan and both of these items I received in a liquidation box. The one on the left was NWT which is why it sold for a little bit more money. These cardigans sold in 2018, but these cardigans are still selling for around $75 which is still really great so keeps your eyes out for these!

This is a Free People Vegan Leather Jacket and I also got this in a liquidation box. Vegan Leather Jackets are one of Free People’s most popular items EVER and these still sell consistently for around $75+ dollars so definitely look out for these in thrift stores AND consignment stores.

The thermal (second photo in) is one of Free People’s most popular items as well especially the ones with detailing on the wrist area. When I sold this a few years ago it pretty much flew out of my closet instantly. All the other 3 items were pretty recent styles that I either found at consignment stores or through Retail Arbitrage.

Tips on Selling Free People

  • Find the OB number on the care tag
  • Research comps
  • Include style name in your title and description

Do Your Research

As a clothing reseller you always want to be up to date on which clothing styles, brands, and categories are doing the best that way you can adjust to the what the consumers want. Obviously when Spring and Summer roll around you want to start adding shorts into your closet and vice versa when Fall and Winter roll around. But you want to go even further and know which styles and trends the consumers are wanting with each new season because the trends are always changing. I linked my trend post up above so go check that out if you haven’t read it. A great way to know the trends are by looking on popular clothing site like Revolve, Shopbop, Net-A-Porter, etc. These websites have new items added to their sites daily so it will be really easy to know what it popular today.

Find Good Deals

If you are looking to resell then you should try to find a great Retail Arbitrage deal (RA post linked HERE). NWT items sell for a higher dollar amount & you probably won’t find a whole new rack of NWT Free People items at the thrift store that are from this most current season. Check the sales at Nordstrom Rack, Free People, Revolve, etc OFTEN because you might just be able to snag a couple items for a great price.

Some Current Top Sellers

This is the Free People Wildflower Maxi Dress and it has recently sold on Poshmark for $86. There are a some other listed for around the same price. Sticking to the boho style when trying to resell this brand is a good idea in my opinion since thats what people are really looking for.

This is the Free People Floral Embroidered Kimono and similar to the dress above it falls into the very boho style. This sold on Poshmark recently for $89. I only saw one other listing currently on Poshmark for $115 (linked HERE)

This is the Free People Royale Flat which is a very popular style. This recently sold on Poshmark for $90, but i found a few other listings for sale for around the same price. These also fall in line with the boho style same as the others above.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Always do your research and check comps when thinking about reselling. I have been reselling for a few years now and I still check comps all the time. It’s better to check and know for 100% sure than to question yourself and end up loosing money.


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