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BOLO: Revolve’s Top 20 Brands

I was scrolling through Revolve the other day and I found a list of their Top 20 Brands on their site right now so I thought I would share them with you guys and give you some background information and some comps. I will be breaking this up into a few different posts because otherwise it would be a million pages long…. So lets start with the first 5!

1. Agolde

Agolde is a premium denim company that has been around since 1993, but recently has become on of the most popular jean brans. This brand was founded by Adriano Goldschmied (also founder of AG Jeans) and Ron Herman. In 2014, Jerome Dahan took over the brand and decided to relaunch it. When he relaunched he focused on doing partnerships with other popular brands that would bring attention from A-list celebrities. In 2017, Citizens of Humanity LLC took ownership of its brands. Erin Meehan is the current design director and says the for Spring 2020, “We’re taking the authenticity of the past but reimagining it for the future”. They will be focusing on the ’90’s as well as some of the ’70’s styles as well as washed out black denim. Link to Article HERE

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This is one of the most popular jean brands on the market right now along with GRLFRND denim, MOTHER, etc. I have never found a pair of these at the thrift store or otherwise, but I always have my eyes out. I think many people are looking for styles other than skinny right now such as boyfriend, straight, and bootcut jeans.

2. Amanda Uprichard

This brand was created in 2003 by Amanda Uprichard in a NYC studio. Her brand is focus is creating “unique designs have a contemporary style with a feminine touch” which I think she does perfectly. All of her clothing is designed, manufactured, packaged, and shipped from NYC. Her design are absolutely beautiful and can be found on Revolve, Shopbop, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, etc. About page linked HERE, Podcast on how her company has been handling the pandemic linked HERE.

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This brand has been around for over 15 years so some the pieces can be outdated so make sure that items you pick are somewhat recent. Their most popular item is the Ace Dress which is the blue one in the middle and these sell for around $100.

3. BB Dakota

This brand was originally a family owned manufacturing business until 2009 when it became a clothing brand. Since then it has mainly been sold through wholesale and didn’t use any of their own marketing to get their name out there. Recently, the brand has decided to change their image. They launched as a “bridge” brand who had contemporary styles in the price point of $100-$200. They are now sold on Revolve, Shopbop, and Nordstrom. They still do wholesale and have another brand extension called Jack by BB Dakota which focuses on items under $100. BB Dakota Article linked HERE. This brand hasn’t resold that well for me so I personally don’t pick it up, but maybe since their recent rebranding it will begin to be sought after.

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Like I said, I personally don’t pick up this brand and if you are thinking about picking it up I would make sure that you only stick to pieces that are current styles and were found on Revolve. If it was on Revolve’s website there is a better chance of you selling it in your closet.

4. Equipment

This brand start in 1976 in Paris, France and focuses entirely on silk clothing. Almost all if not every single item is 100% silk and the quality of these items are amazing. I own one item from this brand and I absolutely LOVE it. They define their style as, “FUSES UNPARALLELED FRENCH SOPHISTICATION WITH AN AIR OF EFFORTLESSLY CHIC STYLE.” I think that this definition perfectly describes them and their style.

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The most popular item from this brand is the button down long sleeve shirts. They typically sell for around $50 if in good condition or even more if the style/pattern are more current. Because the pieces are 100% silk they so go for a decent amount of money even if there are some small flaws.

5. Faithfull The Brand

I have never found this brand while out thrifting our sourcing, but it is on my list. Each of the items sold by this brand are designed, sourced, and produced in Bali, Indonesia. They fins all of their inspiration by walking through all of the open markets the country has to offer and through other travels around the world. Their factories have been located in Bali for over a decade and has become almost a family business with multiple generations working as sewers, printers, dryers, and weavers. I love this story and their about page is linked HERE.

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Just looking over comps on Poshmark, the items seem to go for anywhere around $50-$100 on average. The most popular items also look to be the dresses so I would search for this brand when at the thrift or consignment stores.

These are the first 5 brands of Revolve’s Top 20 Brands. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and learned some background information on some of these brands. I love doing research so this was a super fun post for me to create!

XOXO, Cait

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