Items I’ve Sold For 100+ Dollars

I thought I would look through my closet and see which items I have sold for 100+ dollars. I thought this would be a great for not only myself to see what has sold for the most money in my closet, but also for you guys to get a reference point also. I have been selling on Poshmark part time for probably the last 3 years so I have don’t have near as many items as some other big time resellers, but I do have quite a bit. These are some old listings because I did take a break from reselling for a while, but I still think it is great to share!

  1. Montblanc Bag

My husband found this at the thrift store and he wanted to keep up, but it just didn’t work for him so I ended up selling it for him. I had it authenticated through Real Authentication (link HERE). You just send in as many pictures as you can and they will get back to you within a few days with an answer. If you item is authentic they will give you an authentication certificate which you can include in your sale.

2. Kate Spade Purse

I also found this purse at a thrift store and I did pay up for up, but it was honestly worth it. This purse ended up selling for $174 because it is a rare Kate Spade purse and there weren’t many other listings on Poshmark at the time. I would pick this up again and again if I could. There are a few listed on Poshmark currently still going for around the same price.

3. BCBG Suede Jacket

This was one of the first items I ever sold on Poshmark actually and it was a retail arbitrage find. I found this at TJMaxx and sold it for over double what I paid so I would say that this is a great find. I wanted to keep this jacket really bad because it is beautiful, but I am glad I sold it now.

4. J. Crew Blazer

I found this NWT J. Crew blazer at the thrift store and I honestly couldn’t even believe it when I saw it. This was a beautiful blazer that I wish would’ve been in my size because I would’ve kept it but this ended up selling for $150. This was a recent style at the time that I sold it and it was 100% wool so those factors play into why it sold for so much.

5. Free People Cardigan

This was an item that I got through a liquidation that I purchased. It was NWT and was in perfect condition and I was so happy with this sale. It sold within 24 hours of listing it and I still remember the moment it sold to this day! I was sitting waiting for the fireworks to begin on the fourth of July and I got a notification that this had sold for my full asking price! One of the best sales I have had to this day.

6. Kate Spade Purse

This is another retail arbitrage item that I purchased from TJMaxx. I was hoping to get more money out of this than I did, but I still sold it and made money so I am happy with that fact. I probably wouldn’t pick this up to sell again just because it sat in my closet for a while and I wish I was able to get more out of it. I think when selling Kate Spade purses the more unique ones do much better.

7. Hunter Boots

Another retail arbitrage find. These I purchased from Nordstrom Rack during a sale they were having. These were on clearance with an extra 20% off which Nordstrom Rack tends to do a few times a year. Make sure you are aware of these sales because you can find really good items! They usually don’t advertise about them ahead of time, but ask employees because they will tell you when the next will be if it is coming up soon.

8. Tory Burch Purse

This purse came out of another liquidation. There was some wear on this purse, but I was still able to sell it for $100 so keep your eyes out for these purses. This is a really popular Tory Burch purse style and I actually sold one that was really beat up for $45.

9. Madewell Purse

I believe this also came out a liquidation, but I am not 100% sure. This is a 100% leather Madewell bag. It had a few scuffs on the outside leather, but this was a beautiful bag. Even with the scuffs it sold for $100. Madewell bags actually are selling on Poshmark for a lot of money so if you find one do your research. The leather ones similar to this style typically sell for around $100.

10. Self-Portrait Dress

This is the last item in my closet that sold for 100 or more dollars. This I was able to find for a really good price at TJMaxx. The TJMaxx I found this at normally doesn’t receive designer items, but this one happened to squeak by and into my store. I was so happy when I found this and honestly shocked. I had been wanting a Self-Portrait dress for myself for a long time, and I couldn’t believe I had actually found one. This was in my size, but it wasn’t really a style I saw myself wearing so I ended up selling it within a few months of purchasing it. I probably wouldn’t pick up this exact style again, but it was still a good sale.

Let me know down in the comments if you would pick up any of these items to resell and which one was your personal favorite! Thank you guys so much for reading this post and I will see you in my next one!

XOXO, Cait

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