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My Most Recent Poshmark Purchase

I recently made a large purchase on Poshmark and I thought that I would share it with you guys! It sometimes can seem like it’s so hard to find the perfect things, in your size, for a great price on the app, but I promise that it does happen. You just have to have patience. I would say that these items definitely fall into some of my ALL TIME favorite Poshmark purchases!




Blazer: 6 / 10

This blazer is Kate Spade and I absolutely love it! It is the perfect length because it is slightly cropped and I love the colors on it. It has slightly larger buttons that almost look like the gumdrop candies, but they are also so cute and give the blazer a retro look which I personally love. This blazer originally came with a detachable flower pin, but when I bought it secondhand on Poshmark it didn’t come with that, but fine by me since I got a great deal!


Skirt: 2

I also got this matching tweed skirt with the blazer. It matches it perfectly and I love how both of these pieces can be worn separately and together giving you multiple ways to wear each piece.


Coat: 6 / 6

I have already worn this jacket a few times since I got it a couple weeks ago even though it is just now getting pretty cold in MN. I already got a lot of compliments about it and I can see why! This coat is amazing and stunning in person. I love the texture of this coat as well because it is kind of furry, but not a full-on fur. I posted this on a DEAL ALERT post (linked HERE), but I had to purchase it for myself when I saw all these items the seller also had for sale.


If you guys are searching on Poshmark for items and you find something you like I highly recommend looking at the sellers page because they might also have some other items for sale that you are interested in and then you will save money on shipping!


Thank you guys so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it and found some awesome pieces that you might want to add to your wardrobe! I will see you in my next post!

XOXO, Cait

6 replies on “My Most Recent Poshmark Purchase”

I am constantly on the app since I have also been a reseller. I love the app and I highly recommend it to everyone I meet because there are so many great deals to be found on there!

I totally understand! I was the same way, but Poshmark really protects the buyer. If your item comes in any condition that wasn’t described or you are unsure about authenticity you can open a case and get your money back! It has happened to me in the past where an item that I received was stained and the seller didn’t mention it in the listing so I opened a case and returned the item and got my money back. It can be scary at first, but overall Poshmark really tries to make sure the buyer is protected!

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