Reselling Acne Shoes

I thought I would share a quick story with you guys about an item that I resold. Last Black Friday I was on my way back from visiting my family in Arizona for Thanksgiving. When I flew back I stopped at the Mall of America since I was waiting a  couple hours for my ride to be able to pick me up. I looked through Nordstrom and their clearance rack and found a pair of Acne Studios shoes that they had mismarked. They were priced at $70 when all the other exact same pairs were priced at $300. I knew for sure I needed to snatch them up so I could resell them. There were barely any Acne shoes listed on Poshmark, but I decided to send them off to The Real Real instead.

I have done this many times before where I purchase higher end items that I think might sit in my Poshmark for a while. Instead of them sitting in my app and then waiting for someone to buy and then sending them into The Real Real eventually I just decide to send them there in the first place.

That’s what I did with this pair of shoes. They were brand new. Never been worn. I knew they would do great on the website since they didn’t have many pairs of Acne shoes either. Well, they sold for $245 and with the 55% commission, I was left with $134.75. I doubled my money without even needing to do anything. All I did was send the shoes in and they did all the work for me.

If you guys have never thought about this I would definitely recommend thinking about it! It won’t work for every brand and every item, but why not give it a shot since you don’t have to do any work?!?!?

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