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Fall 2019 Trends

Its August now so Fall is going to be coming around the corner pretty soon. I have done a few of these blog posts over the history of my blog and I love doing them so I thought I would do a roundup for Fall and share some of the cute trends that will be hitting the stores anytime now. (Previous posts linked down below) You guys should start shopping these trends NOW since Fall will be here before you know it!

(Harpar Bazaar website where I found these trends)


1. Suits

Suits have been in for a while, but for the Fall they will be even bigger than before. A matching suit will be really popular and it will also elevate your style to make you look more professional. You could wear this to work, meetings, or even out on the town! It would be a perfect transition outfit from day to night if you work in an office, but want to grab some drinks afterwards with your girlfriends!


2. Neon

Neon has been on trend for a while as well over the summer, but it will definitely stand out way more in the Fall. You could easily do this trend with a shoe, bag, belt, or you could go all out and do an entire neon outfit. We have seen neon on celebrities, influencers, and on the runway for a while so get ready to be blinded by all the bright colors this fall.


3. Tweed

This is my personal favorite trend because I love tweed so much. It is so classic and elegant that you really can never go wrong with tweed for the fall and winter times. Tweed has been used in the fashion industry for pretty much forever and it is such a statement piece that just makes your outfit look put together and expensive.


4. Floral

Florals are always in. You can never go wrong with floral because it is just such a classic pattern, but this season there is a twist thrown on the pattern. Heavy and dark florals are what will be in this season. Big flowers all in dark colors is what we will be seeing with the trend. I think it is perfect and so fitting for the season.


5. Leopard

This is my second favorite trend because I love leopard print so much lately. We also saw this over the summer, but going into fall we will also see a shift in the color and pattern to make not as summery. Leopard print is always in style for the most part and can act a neutral. You could pair pretty much any color with leopard and it will look stunning.


6. Metallic

Typically we see metallics around the New Year, but now we will be seeing them all Fall and Winter long. This trend is perfect if you are a statement wearing girl and love to be the center of attention. No one will be able to miss you when you are wearing these sparkly fabrics this upcoming season.


7. Lace

This another one of my favorite trends. I think you guys can tell that I have a very classic and girly type of style because my favorite “trends” are the classic styles. Lace is very versatile and can be worn at the office and then worn out on the town for a GNO. This will be a staple in pretty much everyone’s closets.


8. Snake

This is another animal print that is huge right now and will continue to be popular going into the Fall and Winter months. I have seen so many bloggers wear snakeskin lately and personally its not my favorite, but I think it will be popular. I like some of the snakeskin prints, but I am not a fan of all of them.


Thank you guys so much for reading this post! I hope you found it helpful and you start shopping these trends NOW because they are going to start hitting department stores very very soon if not already! I will see you in my next post!

XOXO, Cait

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