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How I Find Amazing Deals On Poshmark

I post a lot of Deal Alert posts, but I have never really told you guys how I find the amazing deals that I do find. I thought I would do a blog post all about my tips and tricks to help you guys find your own amazing deals for the brands that you are searching for on Poshmark!


1. Search Constantly

I am always on the app searching for deals. I like to filter by the “Just In” items that way I see the newest items the fastest. You are the first to see these items if you filter it this way, therefore, you are first to be able to buy it!


2. Know Your Brands

Know the brands you want to search for on the app. There are so many brands out there and it can be really overwhelming when you think about how many items are for sale on the app. Just know which brands you like and which brands you want to add to your closet!


3. Search Closets

If I find an item I like in my size for a good price I tend to look at the person’s closet to see if they have any other items I like in my size for a good price. The shipping on Poshmark can sometimes high when you are buying an item for $15 so in order to make the shipping worth it if you could try and bundle if the person has more items in their closet!


4. Be Patient

There are times when I am constantly finding deals and then are times where it seems like I can’t find any deals. Don’t get discouraged. The thrill is in the hunt!



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