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Secondhand TV Show Outfits: Pretty Little Liars

Hey guys! I am trying to branch out in this Secondhand TV Show Outfits series so I am mixing it up and doing Pretty Little Liars every once and a while. I was obsessed with this show when it was on TV so looking through all of these outfits makes me miss the show. Have you guys seen the new Pretty Little Liars that they started a year or so ago? I also really like that one too and I will probably start doing that series as well. Let me know what shows you guys are obsessed with down below!


Season 7: Episode 19

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.00.15 PM

4 / 4 / 8


Season 7: Episode 18

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.04.33 PM.png

S / M


Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.08.29 PM.png

XS / S / S / S / ML / L


Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.11.24 PM.png



Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.13.04 PM.png

2 / 4


Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.15.19 PM.png




Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.18.58 PM.png




Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 6.21.45 PM.png



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Thank you guys so much for reading this post and I hope you guys like this series! I will see you tomorrow!

XOXO, Cait




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