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How To Keep Up With Ever Changing Styles and Trends

If you are a reseller you know how hard it can be to keep up with everything. Even not being a reseller it can be hard to keep up with all the new trends people are obsessed with and then finding a way to fit it into your life. Well I know it can be overwhelming and very daunting to even think about the styles and trends. There is always something new so I thought I would share some tips I have for you guys in order to keep up with all the things related to the fashion world. This is perfect if you are a reseller, but even if you aren’t this is will still help you!

1. New Arrivals

Look at the New Arrivals or Just In sections on all of the trendy and frequently shopped retailers. This is what people look at on sites such as ShopBop, Revolve, and Nordstrom. I am checking these frequently to know what is new and what people will be searching for. Trends can be more important than brands sometimes so keeping an eye for these trends can be very helpful!

2. Bloggers

We are all on Instagram so much during the day so start adding some of that time to do market research. If it’s for work than it can’t hurt right? I try to look at bloggers Instagrams for about 10-20 minutes per day. I like to watch their Instagram stories because a lot of them do try on hauls and show what they have just bought or just got in from their favorite retailers. I will link some of my favorite bloggers down below that I think have a big influence and have great style. I look at these people daily and they have a high follower count so they obviously have some influence over some people. Blogging is a big part of the culture that we live in and there’s no wonder why companies send them things for free or pay them to talk about things. They play a huge role in the fashion industry and they have a lot of influence over people.

Rachel Parcell– I love her style. She even has her own clothing line that just launched in Nordstrom!

Olivia Rink– She always goes over the top for shoots and I love it. She does a little bit of everything on her blog, but focuses mainly of fashion.

Courtney Shields- I lover personality. She is so down to Earth and a very real person. She is a mommy to a little girl and she is seriously so cute!

Dani Austin– She is super real and honestly the only blogger that talks about all the ups and downs of real life.

3. TV Shows

I am an avid TV show watcher. I like to watch all the new TV shows that are out on TV (I know I still have cable. Who am I?!) and I love to see all the clothes that the characters are wearing. Most of the time their clothing is still in stores. Sometimes things are vintage, but very rarely. I like to keep up with the clothing on TV shows by using the website Worn On TV because they always post the characters’ outfits almost immediately. They always have the exact item and even sometimes similar looking items. Other people are watching these shows and will probably be looking for similar or the same item. Also, make sure you are doing your research when you are listing an item because if it was worn on TV you might be able to get a higher price because it might be rare!

4. Magazines

Go to a bookstore once a month and look in the fashion magazines. Magazines are always talking about the new trends and styles that celebrities will be wearing and designers will be selling. People will start looking for these trends as well so make sure you are using KEYWORDS in your description to help sell your item faster and for a higher dollar amount!


Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! I know that keeping up with fashion can seem like a full-time job (it pretty much is), but I thought I would give you some quick tips on how to make sure you are up to date. I am always posting so bookmark my blog as well!

XOXO, Cait


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