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Summer 2019 Trends

I know I am a little late to this post because its already into June, but I thought better late than never right? Even though summer has technically started there is still time to figure out your summer wardrobe and go shopping. I have been seeing some very popular things around in the fashion world and thought I would share what I think is going to be super popular in the next few months.


1. Paper Bag Shorts

I have seen these all over bloggers, the designer stores, and even in fast fashion stores. I actually bought a pair of shorts like these but I haven’t gotten around to wearing them quite yet. I think this style of shorts is really cute and really flattering to almost every body type.


2. Leopard

I have been seeing leopard print literally EVERYWHERE. It’s going to be super popular this summer and I think for the next few seasons for sure. A lot of people love leopard and I would say I am one of those people. I used to hate any animal print design because I thought it didn’t look classy, but I think there is a certain way to do it where it looks really good.


3. Hair Accessories

We have all seen the scrunchies, the hair clips, and the hair wraps. They are all coming out to play this summer because who doesn’t want a little extra pizzaz in their hair, am I right?!


4. Wicker Bags

Wicker/Straw bags have been super popular for the past couple of summers. They add the perfect natural touch to any outfit to make it look summery. I recently just bought a wicker bag from Amerii. If you guys have never heard of them you should definitely check them out because the quality of their bags is amazing. All of their bags are handwoven which makes each one a little bit different! (First photo is me).


5. Retro

I have been seeing some old fashioned designs coming back recently. I have seen it a lot in a swimsuit with a belt on them. High waisted shorts with a super thick belt. Even some of the colors that are being used in fabrics are reminding me of the 50’s era. I am loving it, to be honest. I love the 50’s and the style that they had so bringing it back would be so much fun.


Those are my top trends that I think we will be seeing this summer and are already starting to see. I hope you guys liked this post! Trends are always changing and it can sometimes be hard to keep up with everything, but that’s why I like to do these for you guys! It keeps me up to date, but it’s easy for you guys to read through my post and see what is going to be in style. Thank you for reading!

XOXO, Cait


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