Palm Springs: Guide On What To Do + LIFE UPDATE

Its been a while since I have posted on here, but thats because I got MARRIED! I got married on May 17, 2019 in Corolla, NC on the beach. I will share photos of my wedding once I get all the photos back, but I also just got back from my honeymoon in Palm Springs so I thought I would share where I went and what I did so if you guys are going there you have ideas on what to do!



We stayed at the Holiday House in Palm Springs. It is a smaller hotel, but its absolutely amazing. The staff is so nice, the amenities are great, and the view is stunning. They have a pool, a hot tub, cabanas, and they also have a shuffleboard. The hotel is walkable to almost anywhere in downtown Palm Springs that you would want to go so its also in a great location! I uploaded an IGTV video tour of our hotel room that I will link HERE. They don’t have TV’s or phones in any of their rooms which I actually found relaxing. I wasn’t sitting inside watching TV anyways. I went on vacation to hang out by the pool and explore the city which is exactly what we did. The rooms and the entire hotel is decorated in a midcentury modern design which is what Palm Springs is known for and it was adorable! I now want to decorate my apartment in a mid mod design.





  • In N Out

We ate at In N Out in a town that was about 25 minutes away. It was near the outlet mall that they have there so we made a day out of shopping and then going to In N Out for lunch. In N Out is a MUST when you are going to anywhere in Cali.


  • Spencer’s

This is a fancier restaurant in Palm Springs. Men are required to collared shirts so keep that in mind before you go there. They have an outdoor sitting area that is beautiful and I recommend sitting out there if you go. Make a reservation ahead of time because it is always SUPER busy. I am usually not a super fancy restaurant person, but this one was really nice and most people weren’t as dressed up as I expected them to be.

  • Zin

This restaurant is literally a block away from the Holiday House so its in a GREAT  location. We didn’t make a reservation for this place and it was fine so don’t worry about a reservation. The staff here was amazing. They were really nice and super attentive. We mentioned we were in town for the week for our honeymoon and the waiter recommended a few things for us to do while in town which was super helpful!

  • Great Shakes

This is a dessert place, but it is definitely a MUST. They sell milkshakes (hence the name) and they are so good. They were #8 on Buzzfeed’s top 19 Insane Milkshakes Shops Around The World.  They have an insane amount of different flavors, but what makes it so cool is that they put a donut on every shake!




  • Spa

We decided to go to the spa one day and it was honestly the best decision of my entire life. My husband and I have both never had massages before so we didn’t know what to expect, but it was amazing. We went to Andrea’s Spa which was a short walk from Holiday House. It was probably around 5-10 minutes away from the hotel so it was super easy to get to. The spa also has a hotel attached to it, but you don’t need to be a guest to attend the spa. They have a bunch of different packages so look at their website before you call to set up an appointment.

  • Shopping

There are a bunch of vintage shops in Palm Springs so definitely go check out a    couple of those since Palm Springs is known for vintage! There is also an amazing outlet mall 25 minutes away. It is called the Desert Hills Premium Outlet Mall. They have a bunch of designer outlet stores and they have amazing deals on all of their items. I made sure to keep room in my suitcase for items that I bought to bring home with me.

  • Street Fair

They have a street fair of Thursdays with different local vendors. It was fun to walk down the street and see local art, jewelry, and food. It starts at 6PM and goes until 10PM so definitely make sure to stop down there and get some food!

  • Ariel Tramway

This is so much fun! It costs $25 per person, but its definitely worth the money. It only takes about 10 minutes to get to the top of the mountain and the view up there is priceless. We went at night and it was amazing to see the city lit up, but it would also be cool to go during the day! If you go at night make sure to bring a sweatshirt because at the top of the mountain it’s about 30-40 degrees colder.



This is a very different kind of post for me, but I hope you guys liked it! I have been doing so much traveling lately that I am so happy to be home a relax for a little bit before life gets crazier and I have to move in a month. I hope you guys liked this post and found out some things to do in Palm Springs!


XOXO, Cait


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