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Easter OOTD

Happy belated Easter to all of those that celebrate! I thought I would come on here and share my super casual Easter look. I was just hanging out with family and it was really nice out in MN so I was actually sweating in my outfit. It was 85 degrees here (WHAT) so I wanted to wear something casual because I knew I would be outside a lot. Almost my entire outfit is from the thrift store or secondhand!



Jeans: Madewell / Top: Rachel Zoe / Shoes: Steve Madden / Jewelry : Kate Spade


Size 29

Size 28

Size 32

My jeans were purchased at Last Chance when I went there over Thanksgiving. I posted a haul from my trip on YouTube (linked HERE).



I couldn’t find any listed on Poshmark, but I just bought this from TJMaxx on clearance so check there if you want it!



I didn’t see the exact shoes, but I found some very similar options! I got these at Goodwill for $5 last summer and I have worn them so much!

Size 8

Size 10

Sie 7.5

Size 10



Both my watch and bracelet are Kate Spade that I bought off of Poshmark. I love them both and got such a good deal on both of them!

Gold Watch

Gold Watch

Both of these need batteries in them, but I have bought plenty of watches on Poshmark that need batteries in them and they have all worked once I put a new battery in them!

Exact Bracelet

Gold Knot Bracelet

Gold Knot Bracelet

I found the exact bracelet and then a couple very similar really cute options!


I hope you guys had a great Easter Sunday or just regular Sunday if you don’t celebrate and I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

XOXO, Cait

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