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My New Thank You Cards

I have been in a funk recently with my Thank You cards that I send out with every package. I loved them at first, but recently I haven’t been obsessed with them. I miss the feeling of being excited to put each Thank You card in every package so I been doing some digging on where to get my new cards from and how I want them to look. My old Thank You cards were from VistaPrint and I think they were really good quality, but I just wasn’t sold on them this time around. I wanted my Thank You cards to be very unique and personal to my business. I wanted something that would stand out when people open my packages and let them know that this is my business. Do you guys understand? Well, I have been using the app Overr for a while now for my YouTube thumbnails and for my blog thumbnails when I need them. I was looking at their designs (which individual artists put out there) and decided that I could really customize it to myself and what I wanted to do. I came up with a few designs and you guys. IM OBSESSED.





Now, these are technically business cards, but I would write a Thank You on the back to the customer for ordering something from me. I didn’t really think that they fit my style and the direction that I wanted to take my business anymore. I wanted something that would really speak to people and catch their eye when they first looked at it. These did the job for me when I had them and they matched my photo setup which was what originally caught my eye. MOVING ON…





These new ones are so stinking cute! I love how they turned out and I actually designed them myself! I mentioned earlier that I used the app Overr to create the design on the front and the text on the back. I have a few other designs that I created that I will probably be switching between. I wanted to order a small amount so I could see if I liked them or not, and I LOVE THEM.  I will insert a couple of the other designs that I created so you guys can get a glimpse of the other Thank You cards I will be sending out once I get them ordered!



I am in love with these designs and I think my buyers will love them as well! I decided to go with a Postcard size instead of the regular business card size because I wanted it to be something the customer really looked at instead of throwing it to the side. I think these will help get me some more love notes and 5-star ratings! Do you guys send Thank You cards or business cards in your packages?


I hope you guys liked this post and I hope it gave you some inspo for Thank You cards or business cards! Let me know if you guys will be changing up your designs!

XOXO, Cait

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