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Deal Alert!

I have been scouring Poshmark again and I have a new set of deals for you guys! I know you guys love finding deals just as much as I do so I thought I would share these deals that I found with you guys again! I love doing this series on my blog because I can’t wear or fit in all the deals that I find so hopefully by sharing them someone finds something and buys it! Lets get to the deals…


1. Kate Spade Booties

I just found these booties at the thrift store in my size and I am debating on whether or not I should keep. I was looking up comps and found some really good deals on these boots. I found a couple different sizes that are both really good deals so they are linked down below. These are more of a rain boot, but it rains a lot in Spring so they would still be perfect. They look more like Fall boots, but still super cute!

Size 8 / Size 7 / Size 6 / Size 6 


2. Mara Hoffman Dress

This Mara Hoffman dress is NWT and would be perfect for a beach vacation. Its a size XS and I am actually thinking about buying it for my honeymoon that I have coming up soon. I love the waist detail and it looks like it might show a little side boob which is very in these days.


3. Kate Spade Bucket Purse

Bucket Purses have been super popular lately especially since the festival season is upon us. This would be perfect carrying around at Coachella to keep all your essentials on you. It’s also a great addition to any outfit. It’s in great condition that I can tell from the pictures and only $50!


4. Alo Yoga Shell Jacket 

This Alo Yoga Jacket is still on the website for $89. It was originally $148, and this girl has it in her closet for $45! I might be snatching this up for myself… So if you want it definitely go grab it from this closet!


5. APL Shoes

APL shoes have been getting really popular lately among some fashion bloggers. I heard of the brand a few years ago, but I think the brand is just now starting to become super popular. This girl has a few pairs of size 8.5 APL sneakers listed in her closet in a few different colors. If you are an 8.5 and have been looking for some pairs of APL’s RUN to this girls closet!!


Well, those are my most recent deal finds! I hope to start doing this on my blog more often because you have no idea how many deals I find its literally crazy. I also share some good deals on my Instagram stories so if don’t follow me over then definitely go do that (linked HERE). Thank you guys for reading this post!

XOXO, Cait

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