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Deal Alert!!!!

Okay so I know I said that I was going to post every day in the month of February and I didn’t hold up on it. Well I had some things come up and then all of sudden it was March so….. here I am. I am back and I will try my hardest to stay more consistent on my blog because honestly, I love it. I think it is so much fun to come on here and write to you guys and tell what’s going on and share some fun things with you guys!

Today’s post is a series that I have done a few times before and I am actually obsessed with doing this series. Currently, I am planning my honeymoon so I am on the hunt for all the super cute swimsuits and cover-ups so I thought I would share some AMAZING deals that I found so hopefully you guys can snatch a great deal!

1. Mara Hoffman Pants 

I have been obsessed with this brand for all the swimsuits and coverups. I was looking on the website and everything they have is so cute but way too expensive for what I am willing to spend. I have been looking on Poshmark and I found these super cute pants that would work perfectly as a swim coverup or as regular pants. I wish these were in my size because they are so pretty!

2. Mara Hoffman Coverup Dress

I am obsessed with this print. It is so cute and again I wish this was in my size because it would be perfect for my honeymoon. I envision this with some cute sandals, a messy bun, sunglasses, and a cute straw bag walking beachside. If you are a Medium then you NEED this because it’s perfect for summer!

3. Tularosa Floral Dress

This dress is so cute and I am debating on whether I should buy it or not. I have also been looking at this brand as well for outfits for my honeymoon. I just bought a seashell skirt from this brand that I am obsessed with for when I go to my wedding in North Carolina. I am constantly looking for the “Just In” items in this brand to see what I can snatch up for a great deal!

4. Mara Hoffman Jumpsuit 

I think this jumpsuit is so cute and is the perfect piece to bring on a beach vacation. Sometimes it gets colder at night and this would be great to cover up with and keep you a little bit warmer when the sun goes down. It is striped and has a hood! Perfect for lounging around inside as well when you feel too lazy to get up and get ready!

5. Reformation Crop Top 

This top would look so cute with some high waisted shorts walking down the beach. This is the perfect summer crop top in my opinion if you like to wear crop tops. Personally, I am not a huge fan of showing off my own stomach, but I think the trend is cute and looks great on other people! It kind of has a ’50’s vibe to it because its a halter and also has the fold down in the front and I am loving this. If I felt comfortable in a crop top this would’ve been sold already!


Thank you guys so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoy my deal alert posts because I honestly love searching for deals on Poshmark! I will try my hardest to be posting regular content again and I will also be filming a couple YouTube videos later this week so keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for those!

XOXO, Cait

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