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Valentines Day Options In My Posh Closet

Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching us and my Poshmark closet is ready for it! Its very important to stock your closet with items that people will be searching for around Holidays such as this. I have a lot or Red and Pink options and I thought I would share some of them with you guys! I will be keeping these items at the top of my closet so if anyone is looking through they will see them immediately!


This strategy can apply to any Holiday that is coming up. Easter is the next big Holiday (that I can think of) that people will be looking for something to wear. Making sure you have pastels for sale in your closet is key. Fourth of July is another big Holiday that will coming up fairly soon. Make sure you have blues, reds, whites, and stars listed in your closet. People are searching for these items and if you don’t have anything then people will be buying from someone else.

You wouldn’t expect to walk into Target around Fourth of July and see items that are your regular black shirts. You would expect to see the clothing section filled with red, white, and blue items with stars and striped mixed in there. You are also a store that people are looking to buy items at so make sure you are keeping with all of your other competitors. Target, Walmart, and other clothing are all your competitors. They might not seem like it, but they are. You need to be ahead of the game and keep up with everyone else to get peoples business.


I hope you guys are going to be listing all your Valentine’s Day items within the next few days because time is ticking so GET LISTING. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! I will see you guys in tomorrows post!

XOXO, Cait


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