Life Update + Where I Have Been

Hey guys! I know its been a long time since I have posted on here, so I thought my first post back should be a little update on my life. I just started back at school for the semester (classes started on the 22nd) and I have already been pretty busy with that. I have been crazy busy with posting videos on my YouTube channel all about Poshmark and reselling. If you guys are interested in that content then you should definitely go check you my channel! I have also been trying to get my Poshmark back up and running since its been really slow with sales on there lately. I actually posted a YouTube video all about how I have been making my sales lately and a lot of people have tried it out and its working for them! I have been working on changing up pretty much everything in my life since we are in a new year. I started back up at the gym and it feels so good to be back into my routine of working out. I might not be able to see an actual difference yet, but I can definitely feel one. I sleep better at night, I have more energy during the day, and I dont feel slugish.

School has been crazy busy lately. I went to my school orientation a week before school started and signed up for all of my classes that day. I had originally planned to take full time school and drive up to my school a couple times a week, but all the classes I wanted were full and didnt line up with my schedule right now. I think this is actually better for me right now because I have a part time job, I do Poshmark, YouTube, and I am planning for a wedding so adding in full time school on top of that seems like it wouldve been too much for me right now.

We have finally decided where our wedding will be, but we havent planned anything beyond that. I want to get the invitations ordered and sent out as soon as they come in for our destination wedding. I then need o finalize and order the invitations for the party that we are having back here. My wedding is May 17, 2019 so I feel like I am slowly running out of time and to be honest I have been pushing all the planning off because I just want everything to be perfect so I feel like I need more time to decide. Well I have pushed it off long enough. The wedding is in less than 14 weeks so I have a lot of planning to get done in that short amount of time.

I have been really busy creating content for my YouTube channel that is centered around Poshmark and reselling. I have been really consistent with my uploading schedule. I like to post 2 videos a week normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One of my 2019 goals was to stay consistent with YouTube and hopefully get to a point where I can make a tiny bit of extra income through it. I love putting out FREE content for you guys that you can always refer back to if you need it.

Lastly is this blog. I had some big goals for this blog when I first started it about a year and a half ago. Lately I have been wanting to get back into since I miss it a lot. I have been focusing all my efforts on Poshmark, YouTube, and school (which comes first), but I really want to start bringing this blog back into the mix. My goal is to post daily posts on here for the ENTIRE month of February. I know writing that down is just crazy to me. I cant believe that I am actually going to try this out, but hopefully it will get me back into the groove and motivate me to work as much as I possibly can.  I followed in Jenna’s (@emptyhanger in Instagram) footsteps since she posted a new YouTube video everyday last month. I like to keep myself busy so hopefully this is a good addition into my crazy life. My posts will be about anything really- Fashion, Reselling, Wedding, etc. Anything that I feel would fit into my lifestyle blog.


This is the first on twenty eight posts to come this month so I hope you guys like this and are excited to see what the rest of the month brings us! I will see you guys tomorrow!

XOXO, Cait

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