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DEAL ALERT!! Some Amazing Deals I Found On Poshmark

So I don’t know about you guys, but I scroll through Poshmark ALL the time just browsing what people are selling. I see some AMAZING deals sometimes so I thought I would share some great deals I have found in the past couple days with you guys! I will link everything in case you guys are interested in purchasing any of these items. I don’t know any of these closets and am just sharing items that I thought were amazing deals. When searching for deals I normally search in a brand and then change the category to whatever im interested in such as dresses or shoes. Then I usually change the filter to price low to high.

1. Tory Burch Sandals

These sandals are an insane deal! There are only 2 pictures, but from the pictures these shoes look to be in great condition. She also has some other items listed in her closet for some pretty good prices.

2. Kate Spade Dress

This dress is NWT and is only for sale for $25! This would be perfect for the Holidays or New Years! This seller also has a bunch of other super cute items listed in her closet and she has good prices too.

3. J. McLaughlin Dress

These dress retail for a really high dollar amount and they actually resell pretty good for me. Honestly you could probably purchase this and flip it for a decent profit (~$20) This is actually a really good deal since this dress is still NWT!

4. Kate Spade Pants

These floral Kate Spade pants are in like new condition and they are only $18!!!! You guys. I think I might need to buy these for myself. I have had these in my likes for a while and I just looked through them again and I saw these. I might have to buy these since they are priced so cheap!

5. Drew Cardigan Jacket

This is perfect if any of you live in climates where it doesnt get too cold over the winter months. This would be a great jacket to throw on if you’re going to a bonfire or just running errands, but want to look fab. This brand retails for a LOT of money, but I haven’t noticed that it holds its resell value.

I hope you guys like this post! I had so much fun scouring the internet for amazing deals for you guys! Let me know what future posts you would like to see from me in the comments down below!

XOXO, Cait

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