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Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween! I thought I would share with you guys what I was for Halloween if you didn’t see it on my blog already. My fiance and I had a couples costume, and we actually were the same thing last year! I dressed up as Blair Waldorf and he dressed up as Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl. This has been our favorite TV show ever since sophomore year in high school so it’s always an easy costume to through together. We were originally going to go as Great Gatsby, but I couldn’t find a dress that fit me when I was out thrifting. I went to 2 thrift stores and I ended up finding the dress that I wore for my costume so we decided to change our costumes last minute and go as Gossip Girl. My entire outfit is thrifted (except for my bandanna which I got off of Amazon for $2) and I will try to find similar items and link them down below!



Dress: J. Crew. I bought at Savers Size 4 (This was the only one I could find on Poshmark)

Tights: Target. I bought at Goodwill S/M (These were the only ones I could find, but they are just from Target so you could get white tights anywhere) These are actually a very light blue, but they looked white when they were on me, and Blair is known for wearing tights so I had to wear a pair. Plus it was pretty cold out so I would recommend tights if you live somewhere cold!

Shoes: Qupid. I bought at Goodwill. I didn’t see any exact pairs of Poshmark, but I found a couple of similar options. Size 7Size 10Size 7.5Size 7

We dressed my niece up as Madeline. Did you guys ever watch that show when you were kids? I used to LOVE that show when I was younger. Her outfit isn’t an exact match, but I just thought it was so cute that she had to wear it! We took her around to a couple neighbors and then brought her back so we could pass out candy to all the other trick-or-treaters. She loved having people coming to the door and seeing everyone’s costumes. When the doorbell rang she would run as fast as she could to the door so she could see all the little kids and would wave goodbye when they left. After a while, the kids stopped coming because it was getting pretty dark out, but she was still waiting by the door. She started to realize that they weren’t coming anymore and got really upset and started crying.


I hope all of you guys had a great Halloween and got lots of candy! I can’t wait to see the Jimmy Fallon show this year where the parents pretend to eat all the kids’ candy. That’s probably one of my favorite parts of Halloween because it’s so funny to watch all the kids get so sad. I hope you guy liked this post! Let me know what you want to see from me in the comment section down below!

XOXO, Cait

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