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What I Do When Sales Are Slow On Poshmark

For the month of July my sales were pretty slow compared to the months before that. My own motivation plays a part in that since I kind of lost my motivation for a while. If you guys are struggling with your motivation I made a post a while ago about How I Stay Motivated. When your sales are slow it is hard to stay motivated and keep working. I tried to not source as much throughout the past few weeks because I wasn’t making as many sales so I didn’t want to be spending as much money. I thought I would share a few things I do when my sales are slow in order to help you guys and give you some ideas for things to do when you are going through the same thing!

1. Source From Your Inventory

There are times when things get photographed, but never end up getting listed. Or they get listed, but then get deleted for some odd reason. It happens to the best of us even when we try our hardest not to let it happen. I know I had gone through my inventory and there were about 20 items that weren’t listed on my Poshmark. This ends up hurting you in the long run because you have money just laying around. This is the first thing I do when I have slow sales because you get inventory to list for free, but it will be new items hitting your closet. It doesn’t take that much time either to go through your inventory really quick and pull out a few items that aren’t up for sale.

2. Rephotograph Stale Items

This is the next thing I do when my sales are slow. There are items I’ve had listed in my closet for probably 6-9 months at this point that still haven’t sold. I have sent out low offers and still nothing. So that means it is time to rephotograph them and hopefully the new photos will help the items move better. I just made a post a week ago about all things related to Poshmark Photos and why they are so important. Feel free to check out that post in order to get some tips and tricks related to photos. I recently changed up my background and how I take my photos so I have been spending time rephotographing all the items that don’t have my new background or don’t look the way I would liek them to.

3. Behind The Scenes Duties

When your sales are popping you don’t have as much time to focus on things that go into reselling behind the scenes. When your sales are slow take the time to focus on the things that get pushed to the side the rest of the time. I spent my time getting my inventory organized and put away. I had so many items that weren’t put into my inventory system from the past few weeks of listing things. I decided since my sales are slow this is the perfect time to do it because I am not stressing about working on shipping sales, going sourcing, or photographing. I also spent this time getting caught up on my sales spreadsheet. I like to keep track of all my sales and how much I profit on each item so it helps me in the future decide if it is an item I would purchase again!

4. Don’t Quit

Sometimes this business can be really hard and frustrating, but you have to stick with it. Don’t get discouraged because eventually you will have success you just have to ride it out. This is my first summer of reselling and everyone talks about the ‘summer slowdown’. I think it is real in a way, but I think you can do things to try to make it not as bad. This summer was going great until I decided to take a week and half break pretty much from Poshmark. If I wouldn’t have taken so long off I think my sales would be normal for the most part. Its all apart of the business and it is all worth it in the end so trust your work and that it will pay off!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post about slow sales! If you have any tips on what you do during slow sales let me know because I am always looking for new tips! Thank you for reading!

XOXO, Cait

One reply on “What I Do When Sales Are Slow On Poshmark”

I literally am feeling the slow down!Although, sales are beginning to pick back up. I like your mention of doing behind the scenes work. I think I need to do that for myself to prepare for the busy season! 🙂

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