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Thrifting Bucket list

I started reselling for myself about a year and a half ago, and then I had stumbled upon the reseller community. Shortly after watching everyone’s hauls and sales posts, I thought to myself “I could do that to” so I decided why not try it out? I then started thrifting for things to resell. I thought I would do a bucket list post so everyone could see what I have/ have not found over the past year and a half. I normally go thrifting once a week/ every other week depending on what my schedule looks like. I like to do one big thrifting trip and then photograph and list throughout the week. I feel like that gives me the most balance so I don’t feel like I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off. When I do go thrifting I usually drive about a hour/ hour and a half away from me because thats where I find the most stuff. I can find things near me, but I only walk out the thrift with about 5 things each time. Most of the items on this list I would have to sell just because of the resell value, but I am tempted to keep a lot of things that I thrift. I cannot imagine paying retail on any of these items, but believe it or not I used to ONLY pay retail. I used to hate going to the thrift stores or garage sales because I felt like they were dirty and had old clothes that were out dated. Now there is a majority of those items in the thrift store, but you can find some really amazing things if you look hard enough.

Items I have Found

Tory Burch

Kate Spade

Salvatore Ferragamo

Haute Hippie


Rag & Bone


Lilly Pulitzer

St. John

Alice and Olivia


Escada (Older more mature brand but still sells well)


North Face Puffy Vest

Adidas Leggings (they sold within HOURS of listing)

Max Mara (another older more mature brand but still sells well)

Barefoot Dreams


Items I’m Searching For



Byron Lars (Sold at Anthro and resells for $$$)

Louis Vuitton


Gunne Sax (Vintage but still resells for $$$)

Manolo Blahnik

Hunter X Rag & Bone

Elizabeth and James (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsens clothing brand)

Quay Sunglasses



Kate Spade Broome Street


3.1 Phillip Lim

All Saints

Show Me Your Mumu

Frances Valentine (Kate Spades Company)




Needle & Thread (Dress or Jacket)


There are many more items that I hope to find at the thrift store/ garage sales, but this is a shortened list. Let me know what you guys have on your thrifting bucket list and what items you’ve been able to cross off! Also let me know what posts you would like to see in the future!

XOXO, Cait

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